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About Us

Our company ,which is a family business that has always been interested in farming and agricultural machinery, was founded by the family members named as Tarim Ltd. Sti in 1978 in Adana in order to manufacture spare parts of agricultural machinery.


After that, Biçerhan Cinler Ltd. Sti. was established in 1984, to manufacture pimarily spare parts for combines including various harvesting and threshing machines spare parts. Thanks to the experience accumulated, our company has succeeded in sending OEM products to John Deere factory in 1990.


By starting the first export in 1991, Biçerhan Cinler Ltd. Sti. has its own brand in the Middle East, Africa, Russia and the European market. Our company has over 80 distributors both in hole Turkey and around the world.

As a result of more than 30 years of know-how and our success-oriented work, we managed to achieve to the highest level of quality for our products. 

Production is made in a total of 10,000 m2 including a covered area of 3500 m2. We owe the quality of our manufacturing to our professional staff, to make precise measurement of spare parts and drawn in CAD-CAM software before manufacturing process and to the controlled manner production using the latest technology CNC machines.

With accumulated experience and strength, our company also import and export of various harvesting and agricultural machines and their spare parts.

Biçerhan Cinler Ltd. Sti., is not only exclusive manufacturer of spare parts but also we continue farming as the founding family. In this way, we have been making continuous improvement and development by realizing our customers' demands and expectations before they notify us.

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